All applicants must present a valid picture ID with a current address. Children who do not have a personal picture ID need a parent to apply for them. Library card applicants must present one of the following items at the time the library card application is made:

A. Valid Texas Driver’s License or Texas Department of Public Safety ID

B. Current voter registration card plus a photo ID

C. Current utility or telephone bill plus a photo ID

D. Valid school identification card with photo or report card plus a photo ID

E. Checkbook or savings account passbook with current address plus a photo ID

F. Car registration plus a photo ID

G. Current tax receipt for property owned in the State of Texas plus a photo ID

If you are residing in temporary housing (e.g., hotel/motel, shelter, etc.) you can obtain a temporary library card valid for one month. Applicants must provide a valid photo ID and a monthly rent receipt or a signed letter from the property manager on letterhead stationery stating that you reside there. Continued eligibility for a temporary card requires the monthly submission of a rent receipt or signed letter. The applicant will then only be allowed to check out up to five books.

Lost library cards must be reported immediately. There is a $5.00 charge to replace a photo library card.