Check-out limits, loan periods and overdue fines schedule

Item TypeCheckout Limit Loan Period Overdue Fine
Per day/ per item
Maximum Fine
Books/Audiobooks20*2 weeks$0.35Value of Item
CDs31 week$0.35Value of Item
DVDs51 week$1.00Value of Item
DVDs (i.e non
32 weeks$1.00Value of Item
Video Games (must be over 18 years old to borrow)21 week$1.00Value of Item
Launchpads (must be over 18 years old to borrow)11 week$1.00Value of Item
Kits (must be over 18 years old to borrow)11 week$1.00Value of Item
In-house Items:
puzzles, games,
1 1 hourN/AN/A
*Total items limited to thirty-two (32) in any combination from the Main Library (may include up to three (3) CDs and five (5) DVDs, two (2) video games, one (1) Launchpad, and one (1) kit. Branch libraries may have different limits.

Fines, Fees and Personnel Service Schedule

Room use fees:
For nonprofit organizations (per 4 hours):
Multipurpose room (includes podium & handheld microphone)$150.00
Computer Labs*$200.00
Meeting Rooms$50.00
For profit-making organizations (per 4 hours)
Multipurpose room (includes podium & handheld microphone)$400.00
Computer Labs*$500.00
Meeting Rooms$100.00
Special Room Set-up/Configuration$50.00
Coffee Service$1.25/cup
*Requires media technician setup
Equipment Use Fees:
Portable Media Projector w/Laptop Cart Set-up, per day$100.00
Portable Projection, per day$10.00
Overhead projector, per day$20.00
Copy Stand, per day$50.00
Lapel Microphones, per day$30.00
Flip Charts, per day$10.00
White Board, per day$10.00
Coffee Urn$20.00
Personnel Services Fees:
After-hours security, per hour$50.00
Media technician, per hour$50.00
Custodial Services/Clean up Services$25.00
Library materials fines and fees:
Overdue book and Audiobook on CD, per day, per item$0.35 (Max value of item)
Overdue Music CD, and DVD, video game, per day, per item$1.00 (Max value of item)
Lost or Damaged Materials (Current cost of replacement plus Processing fee)$5.00
Library card replacement$5.00
Temporary Library Card$1.00
Office Supplies and Vending machine fees:
Plain white paper 11 x 17 (when available), per page$0.15
Personal-hygiene products, each$0.25
Copier vending fee 8 1/2 x 11 -One sided, per page$0.10
Service Fees:
Computer printouts, B&W, 8 1/2 x 11 only, per page$0.10
Archival photo reproduction, per hour$30.00
Scanning services (8 1/2 x 11 only), per page$5.00
Exam proctoring by Librarian with MLS degree, per exam$30.00
In depth research by Librarian with MLS degree, 1st hour$50.00 (addtl hours $20.00)
Local fax services, per page$1.00
Long distance fax services, 1st page$2.00 (addtl pages $1.00)
Notary Service as set by State of Texas (Fee Schedule available at Front Desk)
Execution fee, per application as set by the U.S. Dept. of State (Currently $35.00)