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A non-circulating collection of books, newspapers, microfilm, maps, periodicals and reference materials relating to local history and genealogy. This collection is used primarily by local and out-of-state lay researchers, as well as by Library staff. Many of the materials in this collection are �one-of-a-kind� and cannot be replaced; therefore, they are available for use in the Library only. Books and other materials are added to this collection as they become available for purchase, and through donations of materials in good physical condition that meet the Library’s criteria.


The Luciano Guajardo Historical Collection is the Joe A. Guerra Laredo Public Library’s collection of local history and genealogy resources. Through collecting, preserving, and providing access to documents and materials reflecting the history and culture of Laredo, the Historical Collection fulfills its mission to enable Library users to appreciate and study Laredo’s history and culture.

The general geographic region for the collection subject matter is the area originally included in the historical Provincia del Nuevo Santander. The primary region is the area from the Nueces River to the United States-Mexico border region, including Mexican border towns, whose history is important to Laredo. Other regions are those where historic events had an impact on developments in the Laredo area. Specific subjects include the following:

  • Geography of Laredo and the surrounding areas
  • Books and materials produced by Laredo authors and information about the authors
  • Family histories and genealogical information
  • Cultural, social, and economic events in the primary region
  • Information on local personalities
  • Spains history related to the development of Laredo
  • Information from and about the archives of Spain, Mexico, Texas, and the United States as related to the scope of the Collection.

The holdings of the Collection include a variety of formats, ranging from print resources – books, maps, postcards, cookbooks, telephone books, city directories, family histories & related genealogical resources – to manuscript materials, photographs, and microfilm. In addition, the Collection also houses a selection of archival resources from the City of Laredo such as City Council minutes, ordinances, land and tax records, and related official records dating from the 1850s into the mid-20th century.

Resources in this collection are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced; therefore, they are available for use in the Library only and may not be checked out. Additional restrictions on the use and copying of the Collections resources may exist due to the nature and condition of the materials. While not required, contacting the Collections staff at least a day prior to visiting is recommended.

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