Composition: 9 members appointed by the Mayor and City Council Created: Ordinance 89-O-100, modified by 2012-O-145; Code of Ordinance

Mission Statement: To recommend policies appropriate to services needed, evaluate services received, counsel with administration personnel and recommend functions and limitations of contracts between cooperating agencies.

Liaison: Angie Garza (956) 794-2400

Sandra Cavazos AyalaMayor1/17/202311/2026
Angelica SalinasDistrict 15/1/202311/2026
VACANTDistrict 211/2026
VACANTDistrict 311/2026
Rosenil Zainko VillarrealDistrict 410/17/202211/2024
Rosa Maria C. De LlanoDistrict 501/01/202111/2024
Esmeralda RodriguezDistrict 61/17/202311/2026
Etelvina PerezDistrict 71/19/202311/2024
Roberto OrtizDistrict 810/6/200811/2024